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Hello, my name is Toby Elliott. I am a 25 year old from a sleepy village in Kent, UK. Growing up in the countryside I was always getting into mischief in farmers fields and the local marshes, dreaming of exploring far flung wildernesses. This desire for adventure has never left and my feet are getting itchy. 

In 2017 I was blessed enough to discover the wonders of travelling by bicycle. I spent 3 months cycling across Europe from my home to Istanbul. My eyes were opened to the various cultures, fantastic landscapes and new experiences that pedalling through countries immerses you in. Never before had I recieved such humbling kindness from total strangers. The bike also enabled me to get far off the beaten track and gave my travels a sense of true freedom I hadn't felt before.


I'm hooked. And the next step involves cycling the Americas. Starting off in Ushuaia on the tip of South America and taking the road less travelled North.

This site is a way for me to document my journey for friends, family and anyone else that may be curious. 

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